Hello everyone, I am JustH3LL, and this is my website. Mainly referred to as "H3LL", but more commonly as simply "the site". Yes, we've got that far. This site used to serve mainly as an alternate site to download Halo, and still does stand as a way to just play Halo, but has since grown into something even better, a site to download games to play on LAN, take turns with friends, or simply kill some time. The site itself will always get updates, but the visual design you see now is set in stone. No more 260 div tags; managing that mess sucked pure ass. Now go forth and play some vidya, you loser

For flash games and a few other things, including some ways to get music, The Vagabond OneStop, and the 2TB GOG collection, make your way to O.V.'s Grove

For the Discord Server and the Kik group chat, please go to the contact page.

This site has been in existence since 8/28/16